NZ Herald 25 June 2022

– A spoilt grandson? Set up a contest with him!
– When KiwiSaver government contribution is smaller
– Is it OK to move to higher-risk KiwiSaver fund?
– … How about to a lower-risk fund?
– Don’t stop contributing to KiwiSaver
– One reader does well with Bitcoin
– Buffett on Bitcoin
– Reader worries about others’ Bitcoin “investments”

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NZ Herald 18 June 2022

– Why lower fees for retired KiwiSaver wouldn’t work
– I decline a challenge on market timing
– One reason to use a real estate agent
– How to test if a company is a scam
– Reader “sucked in” more than he realises

– Talk on Mistakes Investors Often Make

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RNZ Radio 16 June 2022

Are KiwiSaver funds good value for money? If not, what should you do about it?

A listener asks about Financial Markets Authority report on KiwiSaver and other managed funds
– 3 key findings: impact of fees, wrong indexes, commissions paid
– KiwiSaver still worth being in because of government and employer contributions
– But go for low fees
– Funds with high returns often don’t stay good
– Is KiwiSaver best if contributing for grandchildren?

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NZ Herald 11 June 2022

– Buy first home when it’s right for your family, not when the markets are right
– Make sure you get government KiwiSaver contribution — and go for low fees
– Where to get info on selling a property without an agent
– Reader is angry with what I’ve said about Bitcoin
– Tricky to choose term deposits, or mortgage terms, in these changing times
– Which fund for KiwiSaver money to be used for first home deposit?
– One way to understand how market falls affect your KiwiSaver balance
– Change KiwiSaver provider at any time, if you stay with same risk level
– How to cruise through market volatility

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NZ Herald 4 June 2022

– Bitcoin a worrying investment — even if bought through a local platform
– When is a cash fund not a cash fund?
– Why funds with lots of bonds are doing badly
– Get your money in the right risk levels for you
– Reader says tax system favours landlords…
– … While another says the opposite

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RNZ Radio 2 June 2022

Listeners’ KiwiSaver worries

– Conservative funds are not low-risk
– Why funds with lots of bonds are losing value fast
– Don’t try to time markets by moving your money
– How to organize your KiwiSaver in retirement
– Is this a good time to invest more?

Reminder: Have you contributed enough to get maximum from the government?

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NZ Herald 28 May 2022

– A mortgage interest rate rise from 11 to 18 per cent. Yikes!
– Should reader keep contributing to KiwiSaver as her balance falls?…
– … And should another move to a KiwiSaver cash fund?
– Rentals have more people living in them, says landlord advocate
– One landlord tries to shoot the messenger…
– … While another speaks plainly to other landlords
– How one share club is run — and you can join it

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NZ Herald 14 May 2022

– Landlords are not villains
– Rental property tax rule unfair
– His head said rent, but his heart said buy
– How to tell if your KiwiSaver fund holds DGL, or any other investment
– Student share clubs could teach about index funds
– Sexy student investing, and drunken share trading
– FMA relaxed about share clubs
– Bonus Bond story with happy ending

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NZ Herald 7 May 2022

– It’s not easy for renter landlords
– Plenty of unknowns for homeowners as well as renters
– Financial education happening in schools
– Share investing not a game
– Long long waits on Bonus Bond phone line

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RNZ Radio 5 May 2022

Listeners’ letters about KiwiSaver and inflation:
– Should you stop KiwiSaver contributions when your balance falls?
– Should you switch KiwiSaver provider in a down market?
– With inflation at 7%, do you need to earn 10.3% before tax to stand still?

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