NZ Herald 25 January 2020

– Reader can’t bring herself to enjoy her wealth …
– … While another reader has splashed out on an Italian holiday home
– 65+ reader is loving being in KiwiSaver
– How come passive funds are trading shares daily?
– ‘Passive’ KiwiSaver funds are not
– Is it better to invest in US index funds, with their lower fees?

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NZ Herald 21 December 2019

– Sell your home and rent in retirement, to free up money?
– Is it good for both partners to be with same bank’s KiwiSaver?
– Proof on why not to judge KiwiSaver by returns
– More on why index funds won’t mess up share market
– Reader sends his thanks
– Bye and thanks — and be terrific in traffic

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NZ Herald 14 December 2019

– “Merry (non-commercial) Christmas!” says reader
– Index funds — what are they and how to invest
– Could exchange-traded funds wreck how sharemarket works?
– KiwiSaver provider not up with play on 65-plus withdrawals
– One reader gives away all his NZ Super …
– … And another makes it easier for everyone to do that

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NZ Herald 23 November 2019

– Bonus Bonds work well as on-call account …
– … But not so well as a gift for grand-daughter. Other options for her
– Means-testing NZ Super may cost more than it saves
– Lower-income retirees already get more
– Take care with charity donations in wills
– Tell charities how you want to be treated …
– … Here’s what to do if they ignore your requests

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RNZ Radio 14 November 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver? – Part 2

Emails and texts from listeners:
– No income of her own
– Self employed
– Employer talked worker out of it
– Worries about investment
– Fees
– Ethical investing
– Too little money
– Too old
– Control of investments
– Don’t trust govt
– Lack of govt guarantee

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NZ Herald 9 November 2019

– Family tree doesn’t explain why women are worse off in retirement
– Should we give more NZ Super to those in need?
– Reader seeks ideas on giving to charity
– Offset mortgage one way parents can help children buy a home — but not a tax break
– Look beyond bank adviser
– Investors in KiwiSaver and other funds pay slightly less tax

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Money Talk November 2019

If you can learn to handle risk, you’ll get more out of your KiwiSaver fund.

Ask someone which KiwiSaver fund they are in, and most will name their provider — a bank or other financial institution. But the provider doesn’t matter nearly as much as which type of fund you’re in.

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NZ Herald 2 November 2019


– A new kitchen might be best use of $15,000 no longer needed
– What can 66-year-old do to improve her situation? Maybe work longer
– How to find a suitable managed fund
– When lending to family, have a way to get your money out

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