NZ Herald 28 November 2020

– Take care with “kids in chocolate shop” attitude to shares!
– Many exempt from proposed NZ Super residency rules
– Why Southern Cross doesn’t give long-term membership discount
– Don’t like Southern Cross? Go elsewhere

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NZ Herald 21 November 2020

– Early retirees should think about how that affects their children
– FIRE fan shares his savings numbers
– Exchange traded funds should have been included last week
– Reader’s time overseas won’t affect his NZ Super
– Enticing young into subsidising elderlies’ health insurance won’t work …
– … But maybe a GST change could help
– Accountant’s comment to tax complainers

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RNZ Radio 19 November 2020

Money and relationships
– Follow-up on last time’s financial knowledge quiz — angry comments about women
– Survey on money and relationship problems
– Worse for the young, and worse for low and high income than for middle incomes
– Conflict more likely if … overspending etc.
– What to do about it

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NZ Herald 14 November 2020

– FIRE movement lets you retire many years earlier
– Keep up basic health insurance in retirement, despite cost
– Rental or shares could save woman from reliance on the state
– Sorry, but overseas relative can’t get KiwiSaver government contribution

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NZ Herald 7 November 2020

– Ignore hot tip about market downturn — unless it scares you
– Switching from term deposits to KiwiSaver in retirement is not without risk
– “Millionaire-making” companies on warnings list
– Weighing up mortgage offerings is tricky
– Covid-19 aside, bank communicated poorly

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RNZ Radio 5 November 2020

Test your knowledge of financial basics

Commission for Financial Capability did a survey:
– 22% got everything right
– Men did better and so did older people
– The questions — and later the answers
– Women with children did worse — why perhaps?

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