NZ Herald 28 June 2014

Q&As: Car buying decisions not always rational; Should young man invest in Fiji, buy a house, or neither?; Why it takes so long to process KiwiSaver contributions; When must self-employed make employer contributions to KiwiSaver?; I will try to run more non-KiwiSaver Q&As; Last week’s picture offends a reader.

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NZ Herald 21 June 2014

Q&As: Reader says column includes too much on KiwiSaver — which won’t work well anyway. Also, new ‘tool’ duds retirees; Is employer’s way of getting employees to basically pay their own KiwiSaver employer contributions legit?…; …Might such practices be outlawed? And how are political parties proposing to change KiwiSaver?; Family Budgeting Services could be a big help to a couple.

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NZ Herald 7 June 2014

Q&As: Priorities for a family making a KiwiSaver financial hardship withdrawal; Use savings to pay off mortgage; Is KiwiSaver really tax-exempt?; How to calculate KiwiSaver tax credit for the year in which you turn 65; Older KiwiSaver goes for riskier funds; Is there age discrimination in KiwiSaver?

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