NZ Herald 27 September 2014

Q&As: Take a lot of notice of KiwiSaver fees; Employees can easily contribute extra to KiwiSaver; When is a 25-year mortgage really a 20-year mortgage?; When can people who owe tax get away with not paying it?; Online tax calculator now includes ACC levy.

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NZ Herald 20 September 2014

Q&As: Gold fans no longer to be seen now price has plummeted; Reader wishes she’d never heard of tax refund company; Alternative to KiwiSaver for 67-year-old; Is Buffett a better bet than an index fund?

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NZ Herald 13 September 2014

Q&As: How would Labour’s proposed variable KiwiSaver contributions rate work?; Labour’s capital gains tax and… shares; …public submissions before the tax is enacted; …how inheritances would be treated; …family homes and baches in a trust; …using part of the home for business; …its effect on house prices; …its effect on rents.

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