NZ Herald 28 October 2023

– How to help students while also motivating them
– What happens to someone’s KiwiSaver when they die
– DIY to avoid “exorbitant” legal fees?
– Elderly care rules tough on middle-income retirees

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RNZ Radio 26 October 2023

We’re getting smarter with our KiwiSaver choices
Total funds nearly $100 billion — although dropped in 2022

4 good trends:
– More in growth funds
– More choice for investors
– Fees falling
– Good international investing

Correction about how long it takes employee contributions to reach providers

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NZ Herald 21 October 2023

– Time to get braver with KiwiSaver
– Good to raise fund risk level
– More on cutting funeral costs
– A trick to get around probate issues?
– Employees’ KiwiSaver money gets to provider much quicker now
– Why employer and employee KiwiSaver contributions differ

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NZ Herald 14 October 2023

– DIY funeral costs much less
– A better way to set up life insurance
– How life insurance helped a reader who is still alive
– It’s best to ignore fear and greed in the markets
– No tax break on KiwiSaver contributions via employer
– How to set up laddering of term deposits

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RNZ Radio 12 October 2023

Ignoring the markets is good! Keep investing at the same pace regardless.
– Taxi driver’s story
– Research — regular investors do better
– What is dollar cost averaging, and why does it work?
– Applying it to KiwiSaver, other funds, shares, foreign exchange, lump sum investing, when moving risk levels
– Other advantages

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NZ Herald 7 October 2023

– The middle age mortgage trap?
– Inflation no excuse to spend
– Can businesses refuse cash?
– Invest in shares daily rather than weekly?
– 2 Q&As: on the link between KiwiSaver withdrawal and NZ Super age

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