The Investor 28 January 2012

Take action now to avoid bill blues next January. Ah, summer. Time for beaches, baches, barbecues — and facing probably the year’s biggest credit card bills, or even demands for payment from loan sharks.

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NZ Herald 28 January 2012

Q&As: Are employers allowed to take their employer contributions to KiwiSaver out of employees’ pay?; How a KiwiSaver in that situation can stop employer contributions — although it won’t gain her much; Pluses and minuses of the suggested “life stages” KiwiSaver default funds; Professionalism “the kiwi way” can be a winner in the tourism industry; Motel owners don’t tend to do it for long.

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NZ Herald 21 January 2012

Q&As: 2 Q&As suggest it’s not always easy to go into the motel business, or other tourism or hospitality businesses; Should couple stop health insurance and set up their own fund to cover medical expenses?; Is KiwiSaver still worth being in, given changes that make it less attractive?

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