NZ Herald 29 January 2011

Q&As: 2 Q&As on whether home ownership beats renting whilst saving the difference between the two option; 2 Q&As on last week’s reader, who dramatically moved her term deposit business to another bank; How to get your own back through the post — and how not to.

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The Investor 29 January 2011

Turning interest into your friend. New Zealanders are, apparently, a fairly satisfied bunch — except when it comes to our financial situation. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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NZ Herald 22 January 2011

Q&As: Tax cutting scheme likely to bring much more wealth to the company than to a reader; How recipients of below-market share offers can get their own back; A reader shows her bank just what she thinks of it; How is our gold price forecaster doing?; Some help with finding a good financial adviser.

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