NZ Herald 30 January 2016

Q&As: A different Auckland housing option: live on the water; Reservations about young landlord’s success; 2 Q&As on whether Bonus Bonds are a good deal; Worries about living in a leasehold property; Have your say about advisers.

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RNZ Radio 28 January 2016

Setting financial priorities — Best thing to do with excess cash: the rule about repaying debt versus investing; Applying this to: credit card and other high-interest debt, mortgages, student loans; Top priority for all: repay credit card debt. Next priorities: If you don’t own a home; If you have a home with a mortgage; If you have a mortgage-free home.

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RNZ Radio 21 January 2016

Goal setting and the B word (budgeting). Goals should be SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, (w)ritten, time-bound. The goal habit: If you save before a trip, buying a car etc you can have many more trips and cars. Tips on goals. Budgeting: Firstly estimate spending in different categories, then keep track for a while; Tips on budgeting; Robert Frost poem; Emergency money; Help with budgeting:

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