NZ Herald 26 April 2014

Q&As: Single mum can’t decide whether to renovate or sell; How come some seemed to get more Genesis Energy shares?; No I won’t give info on gold savings plan; What might be behind gold plan?; How many employers stop KiwiSaver contributions at 65?; Is employer playing fair with KiwiSaver contributions?; Complications for some self-employed in KiwiSaver.

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NZ Herald 12 April 2014

Q&As: The time it takes to get money out of fund is ‘outrageous’; Can NZ advisers and fund managers do better than the market as a whole?; How and when to bring money back from Australia; How a landlord can analyse whether a property is a good investment.

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NZ Herald 5 April 2014

Q&As: How to tell if an investment — beyond low-risk KiwiSaver funds — is fairly safe; Should woman sell rental and enjoy the proceeds?; Can reader use Dad’s KiwiSaver for own benefit?; Lenders may help with first home deposit timing problem.

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