The Investor 31 May 2005

How KiwiSaver will work for you. How you might react to the KiwiSaver programme in the recent budget depends on your circumstances. Under the programme, scheduled to start in April 2007, employed people, the self-employed or beneficiaries can contribute 4 or 8 per cent of their income to a saving fund.

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The Investor 17 May 2005

The message in the foot and mouth threat. The “Invest offshore” message was loud and clear the other day, after the news broke that somebody may have released foot and mouth disease on Waiheke Island. By the time you read this, the claim may have been proven a hoax. Here’s hoping so. If that’s the case, take warning from it.

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The Investor 3 May 2005

Index funds still the best, despite tax changes. An ice cream is still delicious without the chocolate dip. The same goes for index share funds. Since they made an appearance in New Zealand in the late 1990s, these funds have had a tax advantage over the other type of share funds, called active funds. It seems likely that the tax advantage will be removed soon. But even if it goes, I still think index funds are best.

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