NZ Herald 24 December 2022

– KiwiSaver gifts good, but make sure you treat the children equally
– I made a worrying assumption in last week’s calculations…
– … and what happens when inflation is included
– Trapped with low interest on your term deposits? Here’s a plan
– Another reader has trouble getting a credit card
– A warning about selling a home before you buy
– Reader could move to another environmental fund
– My key messages don’t change
– Happy holidays!

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NZ Herald 17 December 2022

– Is now a good time to trade up to a bigger house?
– How much will $1,000 grow in KiwiSaver over time?
– An update on the active v passive debate
– More KiwiSaver providers let over 65s withdraw from just one of their funds

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RNZ Radio 15 December 2022

Worrying numbers about over 65s’ finances, and what might be done about it
– Stats on over 65s’ income and home ownership show decreasing trends
– What to do about it
– A KiwiSaver push for beneficiaries?

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NZ Herald 10 December 2022

– Reader leaves marriage with $3 million – what to do with it?
– Widowed pensioner finds inheritance “very scary”
– Only some KiwiSaver providers offer this service for the retired
– 3 Q&As on investing versus reducing a mortgage

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NZ Herald 3 December 2022

– Drip feed or invest the lot at once?
– Credit cards harder to get in retirement
– Should 11-year-old get into direct investing in NZ shares?
– Mother of 7 gets degree — and comes out on top
– Would-be investor in rental property shouldn’t count on gain
– Meaningful Christmas Gifts

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RNZ Radio 1 December 2022

Listeners tell us who they think needs financial help

Entries into our Christmas book giveaway on who you would give my two latest books to, and why
– Themes running through the entries, examples and comments
– The winners

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