NZ Herald 28 September 2013

Q&As: A bit of risk is good, even if it means having to cut your losses on a rental property; Sending money to Australia and back, in the hopes of gaining on foreign exchange, is likely to leave reader worse off; New money laundering rules slow down international transfers of money; Take note of different interest rates in different countries; If capital gains are taxed under Labour, will we get a tax break on capital losses?; What if somebody who adds to their mortgage ends up unable to pay a capital gains tax?

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NZ Herald 21 September 2013

Q&As: Dripfeed money when moving it from country to country; Home exemption from capital gains tax applies to farmhouses but not farms; Should people overseas be allowed to use KiwiSaver money to repay student loans?; Is prostitution just another job?; Sex worker’s letter makes a reader weep; Escaping the trap of over-valuing money.

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NZ Herald 7 September 2013

Q&As: Plans of 29-year-old daughter sound good so let her be; Using KiwiSaver to repay student loans probably not a good idea; Improvements wouldn’t be subject to capital gains tax; South African tax option not ruled out.

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