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RNZ Radio 26 March 2020

GETTING A KIWISAVER WOF — for people of all ages in KiwiSaver. Whether you’re worried about the market downturn or just want to use some spare time productively, now is a good time to check you’re doing as well as you can (you’re probably not!) in KiwiSaver.

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RNZ Radio 12 March 2020

What to do in KiwiSaver as share markets wobble:
– Best to do nothing — but learn about yourself and your investing
– What if you need your money soon?
– Listener letter: which shares to buy in this environment? And which to sell?
– Listener letter: Are KiwiSavers treated badly when it comes to moving funds?

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RNZ Radio 27 February 2020

Active vs passive management of KiwiSaver and other funds
Why I disagree with result of recent debate on this:
– A bias in who took part?
– Passive funds will always be average — that’s fine
– Will the rise in passive management ruin the way the market works?

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RNZ Radio 13 February 2020

Investors in shares — and most KiwiSaver investors — are doing “too well”
– Last year was exceptional
– Last decade was well above recent averages
– AND last decade was unusually “unvolatile”
– Don’t be lulled into thinking this will continue
– Shares are good investments, but…

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RNZ Radio 30 January 2020

Recommended changes to KiwiSaver
The Commission for Financial Capability has made 19 suggestions on how to improve KiwiSaver. Mary and Jesse discuss four of them:
– Set up “Small Steps”, so people’s contributions rise gradually each year if they wish
– Add “sidecar savings” to KiwiSaver for short-term emergencies
– Exclude fixed fees from KiwiSaver accounts with balances under $5000
– Show members how much their fees are likely to total over the years in KiwiSaver, compared with average fees for that type of fund
Also: an unusual letter from a listener — grow marijuana or join KiwiSaver?

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RNZ Radio 12 December 2019

What financial decisions would I do differently, with hindsight?
Based on an email challenge from a listener.
– Timing — in the share market and property market
– Gearing — borrowing to invest in a share fund
– A foreign exchange investment
– House buying
– Rental property?
– Higher paid work?
– My holiday message: Be terrific in traffic

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RNZ Radio 28 November 2019

Notes from a conference

Westpac Massey Fin Ed Centre conference on “Building financially capable communities: our pathways to success”
– Current Financial teaching in schools is not effective, especially for lower sociology economic kids
– Self efficacy — whether you believe your actions and effort will affect your outcomes — is more important to wealth than things like financial literacy. Can it be changed?
– Changes coming to regulate payday lending. Will they help?

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RNZ Radio 14 November 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver? – Part 2

Emails and texts from listeners:
– No income of her own
– Self employed
– Employer talked worker out of it
– Worries about investment
– Fees
– Ethical investing
– Too little money
– Too old
– Control of investments
– Don’t trust govt
– Lack of govt guarantee

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RNZ Radio 31 October 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver?

Analysis by Commission for Financial Capability of negative comments on social media and internet discussion boards, plus emails from listeners:
– Lack of security
– Government policies
– Other “better” investments
– Earning too little to bother

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RNZ Radio 17 October 2019

A listener’s letter and Mary’s response:
– Starting early is good
– Drip feeding is good
– You don’t need to research companies
– Buy more or less randomly — but vary industries
– Understand a share’s volatility

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