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RNZ Radio 2 March 2023

Are KiwiSaver default members getting a bad deal?
Plus: How does everyone know how well their KiwiSaver fund is doing?

– Big variation in default fund performance and fees
– A possible solution
– Problems with benchmarks for all KiwiSaver funds
– A possible solution
– Based on a paper you can read at tinyurl.com/RussellKiwiSaver

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RNZ Radio 16 February 2023

A non-financial topic: What it was like during and after Cyclone Gabrielle if you had:
– No power
– No running water
– No communications — phones, emails, texts, internet etc
– No way out of your community

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RNZ Radio 2 February 2023

Spending that makes you happy

Research tends to find the following spending brings the most happiness:
– Getting rid of money worries — paying off debt, getting insurance etc
– Experiences — events, travel ….
– Changes that give you more time — hiring others to do tasks etc
– Beautiful things — art, plants etc
– Spending on others — charity, shouting a friend, gifts

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RNZ Radio 15 December 2022

Worrying numbers about over 65s’ finances, and what might be done about it
– Stats on over 65s’ income and home ownership show decreasing trends
– What to do about it
– A KiwiSaver push for beneficiaries?

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RNZ Radio 1 December 2022

Listeners tell us who they think needs financial help

Entries into our Christmas book giveaway on who you would give my two latest books to, and why
– Themes running through the entries, examples and comments
– The winners

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RNZ Radio 17 November 2022

3 clever types of mortgages
But first: Christmas Gift Book Giveaway. How to enter

– Offset mortgages
– Redrawable mortgages
– Revolving credit mortgages
– Can you switch to one of these if you already have an ordinary mortgage?
– A great place for rainy day money

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RNZ Radio 3 November 2022

Which funds, in and out of KiwiSaver, are best at different life stages?
– It’s not actually about age
– How to set up your savings
– Best low risk investment?
– Best medium risk investment?
– Best higher risk investment?
– Review situation once a year

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RNZ Radio 20 October 2022

Should you fix your term, and for how long, in a volatile mortgage market?
– Why this question is so hard
– Split your risk — like diversification in investing
– Changing the structure of your loan
– Recommendations from Tony Alexander and Bruce Patten

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RNZ Radio 6 October 2022

KiwiSaver members taking more risk
– More people move to higher-risk than move the other way
– Bigger growth in money in riskier funds
– Beyond KiwiSaver, fewer people in term deposits and bonds, and more in shares
– A listener’s letter: what should she do about falling KiwiSaver balance?

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