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RNZ Radio 13 June 2024

“Ethical” investing

A report on Mindful Money conference:
– What is ethical investing?
– Becoming more mainstream
– Barriers to KiwiSaver involvement
– Funds investing in residential property
– Award-winning funds

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RNZ Radio 30 May 2024

Buying a first home — after loss of KiwiSaver grant
– But first: a comment on Budget tax cuts — try to save that money!
– KiwiSaver still best for first home saving — despite loss of grant.
– Other help with buying first home…
– … Or rent long-term, while saving hard.
– Where to invest your long-term savings?

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RNZ Radio 16 May 2024

Insights from conference on financial capability:
– Behavioural scientist’s tips on goal setting, importance of framing, watch those one-time expenses!
– Mostly positive comments from experts
– How one Porirua East project is doing great work

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RNZ Radio 2 May 2024

The high cost of not contributing to KiwiSaver:
– Who can take contributions holidays?
– How badly a break cuts your retirement savings
– At least put in $20 a week
– What if you have debt to repay?

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RNZ Radio 19 April 2024

– Don’t try to time markets…
– … Even if you’re being contrary
– 2 Q&As on money lessons for teens
– Bank PIEs and government guarantee
– No capital gains tax, but we do tax some gains

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RNZ Radio 4 April 2024

2 quick tricks with numbers — helpful in KiwiSaver, property, managed funds

Rule of 72 tells you:
– How long for lump sum investment to double.
– If lump sum investment has doubled, what annual return you got.

Dollar cost averaging:
– A big plus of regular investing.
– Using it if you have a lump sum.

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RNZ Radio 21 March 2024

KiwiSaver just had a great year! Plus 2 other KiwiSaver issues
– Great returns in 2023 — and very few losses
– Returns over 5 and 10 years
– What we can learn from this
– Many sole traders missing out on KiwiSaver — can work well for them
– How to move KiwiSaver provider

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RNZ Radio 7 March 2024

How women and men invest differently — the good and bad
– Women run everyday money better
– But financial knowledge gap increases with age
– Retirement savings gap
– Women trade less — good!
– But women take too little risk
– Good news on parental leave and KiwiSaver

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RNZ Radio 22 February 2024

How would you do in this financial knowledge test? Plus silly reasons for not being in KiwiSaver
– 4 questions about personal finance
– Old did better than young, and women did better than men
– 7 reasons given for skipping KiwiSaver are all faulty

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RNZ Radio 8 February 2024

Update on ethical investing:
– Ethical investing is increasing in NZ
– But there’s still a way to go, says Mindful Money
– Impact investing also increasing
– Returns on ethical shares versus “sin stocks”

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