NZ Herald 30 July 2022

– Returns versus fees — which should you use to judge funds?
– Are banks safe? …
– … And should we favour NZ-owned banks?
– KiwiSaver can work well in retirement
– No, don’t try to time the markets!
– What to do after KiwiSaver drop

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RNZ Radio 28 July 2022

Bridging the gender retirement gap

Ideas from a conference on how to help women increase their retirement savings:
– Why the gap is there
– Suggestions on government action
– Suggestions on employer action
– Suggestions finance industry action

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NZ Herald 23 July 2022

– Proposed KiwiSaver change would help, not hurt, young Mums
– Changes to KiwiSaver savings suspensions seem to be working
– Rule of 72 tells how long for an investment to double, or what return it earned
– Getting clever with bank term deposits
– What to do when facing KiwiSaver loss

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RNZ Radio 14 July 2022

Dumping on KiwiSaver

Answering four letters from listeners on:
– Conservative fund not so conservative lately
– It’s fine to increase risk in a downturn
– Plans to use KiwiSaver money soon
– Will people in KiwiSaver end up getting less NZ Super?

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NZ Herald 9 July 2022

– Which KiwiSaver fund switches are okay these days?
– Do funds charging higher fees perform better?
– A good way to cope with share market downturn
– How safe are investments in NZ-run funds?
– Should employers contribute to KiwiSaver, even when employees don’t?

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NZ Herald 2 July 2022

– When house seller can say “Take it or leave it” and when they can’t
– 3 correspondents on how long it will be before the share markets rally
– Mum with cancer questions her KiwiSaver withdrawal process
– Nice try, but this is not a way to get around KiwiSaver “total remuneration”
– Nothing new about currencies trying to avoid government regulation

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