NZ Herald 20 July 2019

Q&As: Italy is bad for bureaucracy, but how about Kiwi girl getting 4¢ tax refund?; Do retirement investment “rules” change if you have big savings?; No we don’t want to reduce picture with column!; Company that performed badly last century doing well now.

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NZ Herald 13 July 2019

Q&As: Should couple in their 40s splash out on an Italian holiday home?; How to invest savings 5 years before retirement; 3 rules of thumb on how much to spend in retirement …; … And how they apply to one couple.

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RNZ Radio 11 July 2019

Should KiwiSavers and share investors bail out before the inevitable crash?: NZ share market is booming — affects mid-risk and higher-risk KiwiSaver investors; Should you move your money out before the inevitable crash?; What happens after the share market drops?; Why recoveries tend to be fast; How to cope with an up and down investment.

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