NZ Herald 18 October 2014

Q&As: For the 17-year-old who has everything he wants: a course about shares; A free budget tool for readers to try; Woman on parental leave can still take part in KiwiSaver; Fees on retirement scheme way too high.

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NZ Herald 11 October 2014

Q&As: A free panel discussion on investment risk; How couple might sort their conflicting ideas about saving; Can reader get KiwiSaver first home help after his trust has already bought a house?; Worries about having your mortgage and KiwiSaver with your bank probably unfounded.

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NZ Herald 4 October 2014

Q&As: How to find out who your KiwiSaver provider is, if you’ve forgotten; Concentration on just the Kiwi/US exchange rate leaves a traveller wondering; Confusion over KiwiSaver first home help; Can one partner get first home help when the other doesn’t qualify?; Is this a good time to buy a home in Christchurch?

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