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RNZ Radio 23 November 2023

Which KiwiSaver providers offer the best service? What might you be missing out on?

Which providers:
– Check if you contributed enough to get government max?
– Support members in market downturns?
– Let you be in more than one fund — and when that matters?
– Do best and worst over all

Where to get more info on this

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RNZ Radio 9 November 2023

Investing in overseas shares is for everyone
– Why investing in NZ shares only is not wise
– Why go with the whole world, not individual countries
– Easiest way to invest internationally
– Ways to reduce risk
– Disloyal to NZ?

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RNZ Radio 26 October 2023

We’re getting smarter with our KiwiSaver choices
Total funds nearly $100 billion — although dropped in 2022

4 good trends:
– More in growth funds
– More choice for investors
– Fees falling
– Good international investing

Correction about how long it takes employee contributions to reach providers

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RNZ Radio 12 October 2023

Ignoring the markets is good! Keep investing at the same pace regardless.
– Taxi driver’s story
– Research — regular investors do better
– What is dollar cost averaging, and why does it work?
– Applying it to KiwiSaver, other funds, shares, foreign exchange, lump sum investing, when moving risk levels
– Other advantages

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RNZ Radio 28 September 2023

How to boost your saving
– Open separate account
– Set a goal
– Pay yourself first
– Start small
– Play mind games
– When expenses or taxes decrease…
– Inheritances and wins
– The pay rise promise

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RNZ Radio 14 September 2023

How much insurance should we have?
– Email from listener: Do we have too much insurance?
– Attitudes to insurance
– Types of insurance
– Keeping insurance costs down

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RNZ Radio 31 August 2023

Houses still too expensive? Lower your standards
– House price rises still very high
– House size increased while families smaller
– Quality has risen, but also unnecessary rooms?
– Too expensive? Choose smaller home

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RNZ Radio 17 August 2023

Struggling to pay rates? Try a rebate or postponement:
(First: A comment on National’s proposed KiwiSaver changes)
– People facing big rate rises
– Different councils’ offerings
– Rebates for people on low incomes
– Postponement in some cases for everyone
– How it works
– How to get help with this

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RNZ Radio 3 August 2023

Which investment? And why cash funds might be best
– Email asks: 4.5% in bank or use KiwiSaver?
– Where to put short-term, medium-term and long-term money
– What are cash funds?
– How they compare with bank term deposits
– How to find a cash fund

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RNZ Radio 20 July 2023

The mortgage crunch: What you can do about it
– Survey finds worries about mortgage rate rises
– What to do: Important to talk to lender early
– Change term, switch to interest only, or reduce part or all payments
– But big increases in interest paid

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