NZ Herald 30 January 2010

Q&As: Investing doesn’t have to be a part-time job. There’s still time for novel reading; KiwiSaver calculation — far from being wrong — is correct to the cent; How the lack of a tax credit for kids in KiwiSaver affects contributions to their accounts; There’s much more to financial advice than just investing.

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The Investor 30 January 2010

Oh no, oh no, it’s off to work we go. Returning to work after a holiday is rarely easy. Back when I was employed — as opposed to self employed — I remember always feeling as if I were in the wrong job on my first few days back at work.

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NZ Herald 23 January 2010

Q&As: Should couple repay mortgage with redundancy money, or invest it in KiwiSaver or elsewhere?; Big KiwiSaver provider should know better about first-year tax credits; More information available about investment advisers — and are hourly or percentage fees better?; Less room for trouble if people make their own investments after seeking adviser’s recommendations.

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