NZ Herald 15 December 2007

Q&As: Courses and grants help beneficiaries set up their own businesses; Big earner is wrong to think KiwiSaver is not for him; Why KiwiSaver money sits around at Inland Revenue for several weeks — although at least it earns interest.

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The Investor 11 December 2007

Can’t afford KiwiSaver? That’s unlikely. A reader protests that, despite my suggestion that everyone under 65 should sign up to KiwiSaver, “reality has it that not many of us can afford it!”

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NZ Herald 1 December 2007

Q&As: In defence of so many questions about KiwiSaver — and a challenge to readers; Getting the best out of KiwiSaver for a non-earning wife and college kids; Getting the best out of KiwiSaver for an early retiree on a low income.

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