NZ Herald 27 November 2021

– Reader’s KiwiSaver fees are highway robbery!
– Are banks better KiwiSaver providers?
– Beneficiary must declare big inheritance
– Got a mortgage and investments? You are effectively gearing
– New KiwiSaver default funds are a great new option for many

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NZ Herald 20 November 2021

– 20-year-old could perhaps try borrowing to invest in shares
– Reader misunderstands 10-year share rule
– KiwiSaver fund a good idea for great grandson
– How KiwiSaver is taxed, and what happens the year you turn 65
– “But the cheap wine tastes better!”
– Take care with employee share ownership schemes

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RNZ Radio 18 November 2021

KiwiSaver default funds suddenly become attractive for many.

Changes could make you want to switch to these funds:
– Different providers
– Guidance to investors at life milestones
– Lower fees — as low as 0.2 per cent
– No fossil fuels or illegal weapons
– Change of risk level, from conservative to balanced

Warning to those who should stay in conservative
Don’t let providers talk you into a bad move!

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NZ Herald 13 November 2021

– Reader wants to invest specifically in oil and gas industry
– Crash prediction didn’t happen
– 2 letters on investing in shares only if you have a 10-year horizon
– Longer vs shorter mortgage, and paying down mortgage vs investing
– KiwiSaver government contribution as you turn 65
– Are KiwiSaver fees tax deductible? And what are all those fees?

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NZ Herald 6 November 2021

– Should investor wait for world situation to change before investing in shares?
– A reader challenges my 10-year rule for share investments
– Why hasn’t ANZ paid Bonus Bonds investors yet?
– Should retired person move savings into KiwiSaver?
– Not all landlords are driven to maximise the rent they receive

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RNZ Radio 4 November 2021

Buy now pay later — good or bad?
– What is it, and how does it work?
– Some examples
– Who uses it most, and what are they buying?
– Growth in use
– Problems, and consumer protection issues
– How to use it well

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