NZ Herald 16 December 2017

Q&As: ACC recipient wants to get the best out of KiwiSaver; Should extra savings go into KiwiSaver?; How much should go into ‘cool’ investments, such as bitcoin and flash cars?; How one reader in 20s approached the property ownership issue.

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RNZ Radio 14 December 2017

Does Christmas have to be like this?: First — an early thought about a new year’s resolution; Survey findings on Christmas spending; Survey findings on Christmas financial stress; Things to think about this Christmas; Other ways to do it.

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NZ Herald 9 December 2017

Q&As: Is it terrible to rent all your life rather than buy a home?; Young man wanting to buy a home should make the most of KiwiSaver; A real world example of a house price plunging; Clarification on last week’s letter about sole parent support from WINZ; Sorry, but we’re not getting into matchmaking in the column!

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