NZ Herald 22 February 2014

Q&As: Should family keep renting, or buy a home?; Why Inland Revenue takes so long to process KiwiSaver contributions; Employee must join KiwiSaver via their employer, but that’s not so bad; Adult children can’t opt out of KiwiSaver, even though their parents signed them up.

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NZ Herald 8 February 2014

Q&As: Should young man buy house before doing his OE?; Better to stay in the housing market than have time out; How KiwiSaver first home help works for beneficiaries and student allowance recipients; 2 Q&As about tax obligations of last week’s spec home investor.

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NZ Herald 1 February 2014

Q&As: Still hope for first home buyer with 10% deposit; Profits from spec home best put into offsetting mortgage on own home; How KiwiSaver fund finder gets around shortcomings; Ideas for inexpensive family travel.

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