NZ Herald 25 February 2023

– You don’t need to own a home to do well financially
– Get rid of Aussie shares says widower
– Reconsider insurance needs as your situation changes
– When switching KiwiSaver providers works best

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NZ Herald 18 February 2023

– Share funds tend to perform better than DIY share investments
– Reader, 64, should keep working if that’s what it takes to keep her home
– A simple way to explain laddering term deposits to the bank

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RNZ Radio 16 February 2023

A non-financial topic: What it was like during and after Cyclone Gabrielle if you had:
– No power
– No running water
– No communications — phones, emails, texts, internet etc
– No way out of your community

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NZ Herald 11 February 2023

– Many ways to boost retirement savings in 10 years…
– … Also be in KiwiSaver, and consider reverse mortgage
– KiwiSaver government contribution when overseas
– No thank you to this unbelievable offer
– Bank changes coming soon — and one that’s not

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NZ Herald 4 February 2023

– One reader may be overdoing diversification…
– … While another may be underdoing it
– KiwiSaver fund reports 70% return
– Banks soon moving to 365-day money transfers
– Media should have warned of house price fall, says reader
– Rosie Robot misbehaves again

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RNZ Radio 2 February 2023

Spending that makes you happy

Research tends to find the following spending brings the most happiness:
– Getting rid of money worries — paying off debt, getting insurance etc
– Experiences — events, travel ….
– Changes that give you more time — hiring others to do tasks etc
– Beautiful things — art, plants etc
– Spending on others — charity, shouting a friend, gifts

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