Money Talk January 2020

It’s a great idea to get all the incentives in KiwiSaver

Employees usually receive their full employer and government contributions, unless they are on a savings suspension. But what about everyone else?

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RNZ Radio 30 January 2020

Recommended changes to KiwiSaver
The Commission for Financial Capability has made 19 suggestions on how to improve KiwiSaver. Mary and Jesse discuss four of them:
– Set up “Small Steps”, so people’s contributions rise gradually each year if they wish
– Add “sidecar savings” to KiwiSaver for short-term emergencies
– Exclude fixed fees from KiwiSaver accounts with balances under $5000
– Show members how much their fees are likely to total over the years in KiwiSaver, compared with average fees for that type of fund
Also: an unusual letter from a listener — grow marijuana or join KiwiSaver?

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NZ Herald 25 January 2020

– Reader can’t bring herself to enjoy her wealth …
– … While another reader has splashed out on an Italian holiday home
– 65+ reader is loving being in KiwiSaver
– How come passive funds are trading shares daily?
– ‘Passive’ KiwiSaver funds are not
– Is it better to invest in US index funds, with their lower fees?

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