NZ Herald 25 April 2015

Q&As: Leave Auckland — and calculate how far your freed up money will go; Transferring money early to Australia is not a good bet; Court decision raises questions for KiwiSavers in financial trouble; A way round the 3-month KiwiSaver wait, if you’re a big contributor; KiwiSaver scheme offers wide range of investments.

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NZ Herald 18 April 2015

Q&As: How some can get round the single KiwiSaver provider rule; Borrowing lots to buy rentals not the way out for reader’s parents; Should couple bring property money back from Australia or wait for a better exchange rate?; Another provider offers unhedged KiwiSaver growth fund; Lawyer not recommending against using a lawyer.

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NZ Herald 11 April 2015

Q&As: Should parity with Aussie dollar affect investing?; How currency movements affect KiwiSaver funds, and what you can do about it; A good way to lend to adult children?; Better to pay down mortgage or invest elsewhere?

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