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Getting a KiwiSaver WOF

GETTING A KIWISAVER WOF — for people of all ages
Worried about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting your KiwiSaver investment, and wondering what to do about it?
Or is KiwiSaver the last thing on your mind? Maybe you were auto enrolled and have ignored it since.

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NZ Herald 25 June 2022

– A spoilt grandson? Set up a contest with him!
– When KiwiSaver government contribution is smaller
– Is it OK to move to higher-risk KiwiSaver fund?
– … How about to a lower-risk fund?
– Don’t stop contributing to KiwiSaver
– One reader does well with Bitcoin
– Buffett on Bitcoin
– Reader worries about others’ Bitcoin “investments”

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NZ Herald 18 June 2022

– Why lower fees for retired KiwiSaver wouldn’t work
– I decline a challenge on market timing
– One reason to use a real estate agent
– How to test if a company is a scam
– Reader “sucked in” more than he realises

– Talk on Mistakes Investors Often Make

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RNZ Radio 16 June 2022

Are KiwiSaver funds good value for money? If not, what should you do about it?

A listener asks about Financial Markets Authority report on KiwiSaver and other managed funds
– 3 key findings: impact of fees, wrong indexes, commissions paid
– KiwiSaver still worth being in because of government and employer contributions
– But go for low fees
– Funds with high returns often don’t stay good
– Is KiwiSaver best if contributing for grandchildren?

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NZ Herald 11 June 2022

– Buy first home when it’s right for your family, not when the markets are right
– Make sure you get government KiwiSaver contribution — and go for low fees
– Where to get info on selling a property without an agent
– Reader is angry with what I’ve said about Bitcoin
– Tricky to choose term deposits, or mortgage terms, in these changing times
– Which fund for KiwiSaver money to be used for first home deposit?
– One way to understand how market falls affect your KiwiSaver balance
– Change KiwiSaver provider at any time, if you stay with same risk level
– How to cruise through market volatility

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NZ Herald 4 June 2022

– Bitcoin a worrying investment — even if bought through a local platform
– When is a cash fund not a cash fund?
– Why funds with lots of bonds are doing badly
– Get your money in the right risk levels for you
– Reader says tax system favours landlords…
– … While another says the opposite

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RNZ Radio 2 June 2022

Listeners’ KiwiSaver worries

– Conservative funds are not low-risk
– Why funds with lots of bonds are losing value fast
– Don’t try to time markets by moving your money
– How to organize your KiwiSaver in retirement
– Is this a good time to invest more?

Reminder: Have you contributed enough to get maximum from the government?

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NZ Herald 28 May 2022

– A mortgage interest rate rise from 11 to 18 per cent. Yikes!
– Should reader keep contributing to KiwiSaver as her balance falls?…
– … And should another move to a KiwiSaver cash fund?
– Rentals have more people living in them, says landlord advocate
– One landlord tries to shoot the messenger…
– … While another speaks plainly to other landlords
– How one share club is run — and you can join it

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NZ Herald 21 May 2022

– Financial adviser’s suggested plan is diversificraziness!
– Reader is wise to be cynical about two advisers
– Reasons not to invest in DGL after CEO’s sexist and racist comments
– 2 readers question role of auctions in house price rises
– Tale of a 1980s share club
– Talk on Great Barrier Island

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RNZ Radio 19 May 2022

Is rental property a good investment?

Listeners’ questions covering:
– Tax changes
– Politics
– Tenant issues
– Incentive to save by paying down debt
– Property managers
– The pluses and minuses of gearing — borrowing to invest

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