NZ Herald 23 September 2023

– Insider tips from KiwiSaver provider about employee contributions
– Use KiwiSaver at 65 to pay off overdraft
– Upside Downside: Risky behaviour: Taking on more volatility than you can cope with
– Risky behaviour: Letting your emotions rule your investment decisions
– Risky behaviour: Taking on more work or worry than expected

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RNZ Radio 14 September 2023

How much insurance should we have?
– Email from listener: Do we have too much insurance?
– Attitudes to insurance
– Types of insurance
– Keeping insurance costs down

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NZ Herald 9 September 2023

– Owner of rental shouldn’t give up and sell
– Buy Hamilton house now or later?
– Upside Downside: Risky behaviour: Putting short-term money in volatile investments
– Also, Risky behaviour: Buying investments that are hard — or expensive — to get out of

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