NZ Herald 26 October 2013

Q&As: Why a 5-year fixed mortgage rate might be better than a 3-year one; 5 Q&As — Ideas for couple who have been through bankruptcy: take in students, do phone surveys, get a live-in position, write e-books, babysit; Grammar granny strikes opposition; Employers should respond to job applicants.

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NZ Herald 19 October 2013

Q&As: Is there life after bankruptcy?; Tax on KiwiSaver not as bad as portrayed; Pay highest interest mortgages and other loans first; One reader dislikes my comment on grammar, but three support it.

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NZ Herald 12 October 2013

Q&As: A rule of thumb on which type of mortgage; Don’t take unnecessary gamble on house prices; When is a capital gain really a gain?; Some comfort for immigrant family on taxes; KiwiSaver for a mum at home with children.

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