NZ Herald 28 February 2015

Q&As: Why are NZ banks following the lead of their Aussie parents?; Should reader spread money over several banks, just in case?; Two readers have no sympathy for younger daughter in recent Q&A, but…; Another reader’s idea is more harmonious; Auckland house prices too high? Try Taupo.

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NZ Herald 14 February 2015

Q&As: How to let both daughters in on the deal; Did “holidaying” KiwiSaver miss out?; Could KiwiSaver money be grabbed because hubby’s running up debts?; Student loan repayments can continue into retirement; Some tips for last week’s separated woman.

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NZ Herald 7 February 2015

Q&As: Can 57-year-old separated woman on low income get a mortgage?; Should move from term deposits to balanced fund be done all at once?; Ditto for move to higher-risk KiwiSaver fund; How to get independent advice — on paying down the mortgage.

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