NZ Herald 26 November 2022

– Off the boat and on to a degree at 50
– Best place for 11-year-old’s inheritance
– Term deposits or cash funds for money to spend soon?
– Reader caught out by falling markets
– Winners of Gift Book Giveaway

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NZ Herald 19 November 2022

– Small savings safe in KiwiSaver — as long as …
– How to withdraw retirement savings set up in three tiers
– An example for a fairly risk-averse retiree
– What to use instead of a cheque in the Christmas card
– No, I haven’t been ripped off!
– Enter the giveaway of my books for Christmas

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RNZ Radio 17 November 2022

3 clever types of mortgages
But first: Christmas Gift Book Giveaway. How to enter

– Offset mortgages
– Redrawable mortgages
– Revolving credit mortgages
– Can you switch to one of these if you already have an ordinary mortgage?
– A great place for rainy day money

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NZ Herald 12 November 2022

– Does couple need to “use the equity” in their home?
– Subdivide and then sell, or rent out the old home?
– Buying and selling in the same market not so simple
– How to sell a property without an agent

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NZ Herald 5 November 2022

– Tips for student soon to start university — including “have fun!”
– Should granddaughter stop KiwiSaver while on leave?
– Banks “cavalier to consumers”
– Will you lose money permanently higher-risk KiwiSaver funds?
– Why moving funds is like moving houses

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RNZ Radio 3 November 2022

Which funds, in and out of KiwiSaver, are best at different life stages?
– It’s not actually about age
– How to set up your savings
– Best low risk investment?
– Best medium risk investment?
– Best higher risk investment?
– Review situation once a year

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