NZ Herald 15 June 2024

– Don’t watch your KiwiSaver closely
– KiwiSaver government money when you move provider…
– … And when you turn 65
– When term deposit beats mortgage paydown
– Gifts to grandkids could lead to trouble later

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RNZ Radio 13 June 2024

“Ethical” investing

A report on Mindful Money conference:
– What is ethical investing?
– Becoming more mainstream
– Barriers to KiwiSaver involvement
– Funds investing in residential property
– Award-winning funds

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NZ Herald 8 June 2024

– What to do with money for the grandkids
– Are these KiwiSaver ads legit?
– Tax on KiwiSaver employee contributions
– Keep paying extra off mortgage when redundancy looms?

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NZ Herald 1 June 2024

– Don’t give up on KiwiSaver
– Readers’ tips on keeping costs down
– Get teen support in hard times
– A doctor’s view on health insurance
– When health cover let reader down
– Summing up health insurance
– One couple’s retirement costs…
– … But it’s tougher for another couple
– More on retirement in Cambodia

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