NZ Herald 14 September 2019

Q&As: Couple leaving Auckland shouldn’t worry about being unable to get back into that housing market; 96-year-old still saves — and likes visits more than presents; One reader thinks 88-year-old should spend as he pleases…; Another worries the granddad is being exploited …; And another says it’s important to talk to the elderly about money; Why shouldn’t a retired person get a mortgage?, reader asks.

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NZ Herald 7 September 2019

Q&As: How to help reluctant grandfather with his finances; Is insurance a rip-off, and therefore you should self-insure?; Now is the wrong time to buy or build — or is it?; Last week’s correspondent opens money conversation with his wife. Money Week theme: Talking about money.

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RNZ Radio 5 September 2019

Is ethical investing becoming mainstream? Notes from a conference held in Auckland this week: Problems with naming; Importance of the issue; “Short termism” in the financial world; The big issue: trust; What government is doing; What KiwiSaver providers are doing; Why investors aren’t doing more; What investors can do easily.

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