NZ Herald 27 April 2013

Q&As: Steer clear of foreign exchange trading; Pensioner should also steer clear of finance companies offering high interest; How you can avoid partial assets sales shares in KiwiSaver; Not saying “I told you so” about investing in gold; Buying a home still a good idea for couple in late 40s.

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NZ Herald 20 April 2013

Q&As: Two readers warn about trying to control children’s inheritances; Do adult children expect an inheritance these days?; A bit of confusion over KiwiSaver and tax; Two readers’ ideas on rethinking student loans.

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NZ Herald 6 April 2013

Q&As: You can be regarded as being in a de facto relationship even if you don’t live together; Accountant gives bad advice on joining KiwiSaver; Paying extra off the mortgage versus saving outside KiwiSaver; 2 Q&As about young man who is NZ tax resident but still pays interest on his student loan; Reader’s student loan idea might work — depending on family dynamics.

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