NZ Herald 25 November 2023

– Get rid of the rental and get on with enjoying life!
– Reader gets it upside down on KiwiSaver fees
– When it’s good to be in more than one KiwiSaver fund
– Rental property not all that “safe(ish)”
– Shares are a great alternative to property

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RNZ Radio 23 November 2023

Which KiwiSaver providers offer the best service? What might you be missing out on?

Which providers:
– Check if you contributed enough to get government max?
– Support members in market downturns?
– Let you be in more than one fund — and when that matters?
– Do best and worst over all

Where to get more info on this

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NZ Herald 18 November 2023

– Tips for a 26-year-old on how saving for a home
– A 50% house price drop? 30% has happened
– Changes strengthen landlord argument
– Tough gifting rules for elderly care subsidy
– One way around the care subsidy rules?
– Divorce not the answer unless real

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NZ Herald 11 November 2023

– Are house prices too high?
– Bank needs to improve KiwiSaver withdrawal options
– In residential care subsidy rules, do charity donations count?
– My mistake with gifting number
– 2 Q&As on care subsidy details
– Legal execs “are not secretaries”

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RNZ Radio 9 November 2023

Investing in overseas shares is for everyone
– Why investing in NZ shares only is not wise
– Why go with the whole world, not individual countries
– Easiest way to invest internationally
– Ways to reduce risk
– Disloyal to NZ?

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NZ Herald 4 November 2023

– Best retirement investment — running?
– No, I’ve still not converted to market timing
– Which KiwiSaver providers have the best fund flexibility?
– More on lawyers and wills
– Care subsidy could be unfair on couples
– Warn the family they may not get the house
– Consider curbing your gifts in retirement

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