NZ Herald 24 September 2022

– Keep that money out of KiwiSaver, unless…
– Does Simplicity’s recent performance prove passive investing is no good?
– Last week’s couple may have been referring to house size
– Reader’s terrible experience with cross lease property
– Justifying NZX50’s inclusion of dividends

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RNZ Radio 22 September 2022

Are KiwiSaver members getting value for their money?

Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is looking into this.

Report from a panel discussion on the topic at a conference:
– Are fees coming down?
– Some providers pay commissions to advisers who bring in KiwiSaver members
– Some performance fees are unfair

Also, brief comment on controversy over GST on KiwiSaver fees

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NZ Herald 17 September 2022

– Which type of housing will grow fastest in value? Who knows?
– Should all family members be with the same KiwiSaver provider?
– How to sign up children to KiwiSaver, and how to contribute to it
– Reader suggests alternative investment for 6-year-old with inheritance
– When older people can still get a mortgage

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NZ Herald 10 September 2022

– There’s still hope for scam victims
– Gloomy reader was wrong one year later, and 11 years later!
– Retired couple’s two worries — fluctuating KiwiSaver and access to the money
– What to do with 6-year-old’s inheritance

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RNZ Radio 8 September 2022

Start — or increase — your saving NOW
– Starting to save early in life makes a huge difference
– The cost of delaying for just two years
– How much more you can save in a higher-risk KiwiSaver fund
– The power of changing KiwiSaver contributions from 3% to 6%
– Use KiwiSaver calculator on

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NZ Herald 27 August 2022

– How does diversification apply to a share fund?
– Don’t forget fees and tax when comparing mortgage paydown and investing
– Small payments off fixed mortgages okay …
– … and bigger payments easy in current environment
– Many Q&As about last week’s angry reader and my response

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RNZ Radio 25 August 2022

Many ways to “eat your house” in retirement:
– Take in boarders or flatmates
– Sublet part of home — permanently or Airbnb (wttch tax and insurance)
– Subdivide — easier now
– Sell your house and buy smaller or in a cheaper place
– Sell your house and become a renter
– Reverse mortgages

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NZ Herald 20 August 2022

– A classic too-good-to-be-true offer
– KiwiSaver government contributions to some over 65s? No — let’s make it beneficiaries
– Mortgage paydown probably better than buying shares
– Let’s get this widow mortgage-free before retirement
– Reader unhappy with te reo in last week’s column

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NZ Herald 13 August 2022

– Financial mentors offer free help for everyone who is struggling
– A good reason to switch KiwiSaver fund
– Reader “aghast” at my “cherry picking” in fund comparison
– Why passive share funds won’t take over entirely
– Life insurance advice from one who knows

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