Credit cards

RNZ Radio 7 April 2022

Some shocking results in survey on New Zealanders’ finances

Canstar Consumer Pulse Report 2022:
– More than half spend more than they earn — especially young
– 2/3 don’t have enough rainy day money
– Nearly ¼ don’t save anything
– Only 45% are debt-free, excluding mortgages

How you might change your habits.

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NZ Herald 26 March 2022

– So you’re a millionaire? Big deal!
– Moving KiwiSaver provider in volatile times
– Which to pay off first — student loan or mortgage?
– Charity unhappy with last week’s wording
– An offer for those setting up scholarships
– 3 NZ Super recipients are unhappy with the rules

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NZ Herald 29 January 2022

– Covid-hit couple struggle to get a loan …
– … while another family finds solutions
– Short-term share performance is irrelevant
– Get used to volatility or move out and stay out
– 45 financial rules

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RNZ Radio 4 November 2021

Buy now pay later — good or bad?
– What is it, and how does it work?
– Some examples
– Who uses it most, and what are they buying?
– Growth in use
– Problems, and consumer protection issues
– How to use it well

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RNZ Radio 11 March 2021

Emergency — or rainy day — money
– But first — win a copy of Mary’s new book!
– Make emergency money your second to top priority
– When things go wrong…
– How much do you need?
– How to set up saving for this
– Where to keep the money
– Use your mortgage?
– Charity fund?
– If you use the money, top up again!

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RNZ Radio 28 January 2021

Watch Your Spending
New Zealanders’ household spending is way up, compared with late 2019.
Spending is OK if not getting into debt
Why spend on non-essentials?:
– Happiness. But often short-term.
– Appearances.
– Pressure to spend on special shopping days.
What to do:
– Use credit cards?: pluses and minuses
– Estimate spending in different categories, then keep track for 2 months
– Change a habit for just a month. Letter to
– 2 birds with one stone: Cut spending on unhealthy things
– Help w budgeting: MoneyTalks. Free, confidential and non-judgmental, around NZ.

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NZ Herald 3 October 2020

– Rule shows how long it takes for an investment — and a debt — to double
– One reader quits Bonus Bonds for term deposits…
– … While another suggests a way to keep the fun rolling on
– Bonus Bonds exit annoys businessman
– Move from term deposits into KiwiSaver fund ups the volatility
– Better to leave the money in two countries than one
– Your questions, a webinar and a guide to investing

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RNZ Radio 24 September 2020

Handling debt — from mortgages to buy now pay later.
– Worries — job losses, rising interest rates
– 2 types of borrowing — for things that grow in value and things that don’t
– Deferring payments — what that means
– Pay off highest interest first
– Set up automatic payments
– Add to mortgage?
– Buy now pay later. No interest but fees if late.
– In trouble with a loan? Talk to lender.

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NZ Herald 18 July 2020

– 72-year-old should buy house she rents. Plus how to make her savings last
– Last week’s indebted reader should get a mortgage
– No choice but to apply for overseas pensions
– No government handouts without rules — but help is available

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