Ethical investing

RNZ Radio 8 February 2024

Update on ethical investing:
– Ethical investing is increasing in NZ
– But there’s still a way to go, says Mindful Money
– Impact investing also increasing
– Returns on ethical shares versus “sin stocks”

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RNZ Radio 26 October 2023

We’re getting smarter with our KiwiSaver choices
Total funds nearly $100 billion — although dropped in 2022

4 good trends:
– More in growth funds
– More choice for investors
– Fees falling
– Good international investing

Correction about how long it takes employee contributions to reach providers

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NZ Herald 21 October 2023

– Time to get braver with KiwiSaver
– Good to raise fund risk level
– More on cutting funeral costs
– A trick to get around probate issues?
– Employees’ KiwiSaver money gets to provider much quicker now
– Why employer and employee KiwiSaver contributions differ

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RNZ Radio 12 October 2023

Ignoring the markets is good! Keep investing at the same pace regardless.
– Taxi driver’s story
– Research — regular investors do better
– What is dollar cost averaging, and why does it work?
– Applying it to KiwiSaver, other funds, shares, foreign exchange, lump sum investing, when moving risk levels
– Other advantages

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NZ Herald 10 June 2023

– KiwiSaver provider’s ad looks like cherry picking to me
– Retired couple should sell their rental property
– You can repay reverse mortgages any time
– Reader takes note of bank credit ratings when choosing term deposits
– A reader’s story: Surviving Covid jitters, and upping KiwiSaver and mortgage payments

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RNZ Radio 2 March 2023

Are KiwiSaver default members getting a bad deal?
Plus: How does everyone know how well their KiwiSaver fund is doing?

– Big variation in default fund performance and fees
– A possible solution
– Problems with benchmarks for all KiwiSaver funds
– A possible solution
– Based on a paper you can read at

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NZ Herald 24 December 2022

– KiwiSaver gifts good, but make sure you treat the children equally
– I made a worrying assumption in last week’s calculations…
– … and what happens when inflation is included
– Trapped with low interest on your term deposits? Here’s a plan
– Another reader has trouble getting a credit card
– A warning about selling a home before you buy
– Reader could move to another environmental fund
– My key messages don’t change
– Happy holidays!

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Getting a KiwiSaver WOF

GETTING A KIWISAVER WOF — for people of all ages
Worried about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting your KiwiSaver investment, and wondering what to do about it?
Or is KiwiSaver the last thing on your mind? Maybe you were auto enrolled and have ignored it since.

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