Ethical investing

NZ Herald 8 May 2021

– Mindful Money website helps you invest in what matters to you
– 3 KiwiSaver providers invest in community housing
– Another organisation helps people in debt traps
– Overpaying tax leads to big smiles
– 2 Q&As on tax ramifications of parents helping children into housing
– Readers wants unpaid work acknowledged

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Getting a KiwiSaver WOF

GETTING A KIWISAVER WOF — for people of all ages
Worried about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting your KiwiSaver investment, and wondering what to do about it?
Or is KiwiSaver the last thing on your mind? Maybe you were auto enrolled and have ignored it since.

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NZ Herald 7 March 2020

– Is it wise to contribute extra to KiwiSaver when the markets are down?
– Should default KiwiSaver funds be forced to drop fossil fuel investments?
– The biggest plus with KiwiSaver
– The best way to invest in individual shares
– Reader’s share strategy: sell the dogs

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RNZ Radio 14 November 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver? – Part 2

Emails and texts from listeners:
– No income of her own
– Self employed
– Employer talked worker out of it
– Worries about investment
– Fees
– Ethical investing
– Too little money
– Too old
– Control of investments
– Don’t trust govt
– Lack of govt guarantee

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RNZ Radio 31 October 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver?

Analysis by Commission for Financial Capability of negative comments on social media and internet discussion boards, plus emails from listeners:
– Lack of security
– Government policies
– Other “better” investments
– Earning too little to bother

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NZ Herald 21 September 2019

Q&As: Father of 5 loses Working for Families money through accountant’s error; New website helps you find ethical KiwiSaver funds; Split money between KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver, and consider paying down mortgage; Share fund might beat mortgage repayment, but it might not; Self-employed need a better deal from KiwiSaver.

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RNZ Radio 5 September 2019

Is ethical investing becoming mainstream? Notes from a conference held in Auckland this week: Problems with naming; Importance of the issue; “Short termism” in the financial world; The big issue: trust; What government is doing; What KiwiSaver providers are doing; Why investors aren’t doing more; What investors can do easily.

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RNZ Radio 27 June 2019

New developments in ethical investing: What is it?; Are the returns as good as in other funds?; Big NZ funds put pressure on Facebook, Google and Twitter; Mindful Money website — Good KiwiSaver funds, How is your fund doing? Find a fund that suits you; Listeners’ emails.

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NZ Herald 2 March 2019

Q&As: Capital gains tax on second homes would be based on gains from April 2020; New tax would reduce income inequality; The right adviser could help readers decide whether to sell rental; It would be great if online tool showed ethics of companies.

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