Debt repayment

NZ Herald 16 May 2020

– Am I helping the big guys at the expense of small investors?
– Why you might want to be in more than one of your provider’s KiwiSaver funds
– Tax on KiwiSaver and other funds is gentle
– Limit buys can work well when buying shares
– Investing versus paying down mortgage in low-rate environment …
– … and taking diversification into account
– Be in KiwiSaver as well as making extra mortgage payments
– Take mortgage “holiday” or spend savings?

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NZ Herald 22 February 2020

– Should an 18-year-old get a credit card?
– Money questions for 20-somethings
– How can last week’s FIRE fan make it work?
– Beneficiaries should get more, and non-beneficiaries should quit KiwiSaver — reader
– DIY investing in Australia not difficult, says reader

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Money Talk January 2020

It’s a great idea to get all the incentives in KiwiSaver

Employees usually receive their full employer and government contributions, unless they are on a savings suspension. But what about everyone else?

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NZ Herald 7 December 2019

– The 3 ways a reader has “chowed through” her mortgage
– It’s not wise to skip health insurance altogether
– Reader gives us a stats lesson, through Bonus Bonds
– Banks’ bonus savings products too complicated
– 2 readers tell of easy ways to give to charity
– No I don’t screen readers’ letters because of their attitudes

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RNZ Radio 28 November 2019

Notes from a conference

Westpac Massey Fin Ed Centre conference on “Building financially capable communities: our pathways to success”
– Current Financial teaching in schools is not effective, especially for lower sociology economic kids
– Self efficacy — whether you believe your actions and effort will affect your outcomes — is more important to wealth than things like financial literacy. Can it be changed?
– Changes coming to regulate payday lending. Will they help?

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NZ Herald 2 November 2019


– A new kitchen might be best use of $15,000 no longer needed
– What can 66-year-old do to improve her situation? Maybe work longer
– How to find a suitable managed fund
– When lending to family, have a way to get your money out

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NZ Herald 28 September 2019

Q&As: Holders of small student loans are better off getting rid of them; KiwiSaver can add up over the years for self-employed and non-employees…; And also students; Mortgage interest still deductible on rental properties; People should check medical care before moving to smaller towns; Father and daughter celebrate Dad’s day in the kitchen.

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NZ Herald 21 September 2019

Q&As: Father of 5 loses Working for Families money through accountant’s error; New website helps you find ethical KiwiSaver funds; Split money between KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver, and consider paying down mortgage; Share fund might beat mortgage repayment, but it might not; Self-employed need a better deal from KiwiSaver.

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RNZ Radio 19 September 2019

How to set a goal for saving or debt repayment
Importance of setting a goal, Goals that work are SMART: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; (W)ritten; Time-bound.

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