Children and money

NZ Herald 30 September 2006

Excerpt from Get Rich Slow. This is the final week in which we are running excerpts from Mary Holm’s bestselling book, “Get Rich Slow: How to grow your wealth the safe and savvy way.” Mary’s regular Q&A column will resume next week.

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The Investor 1 November 2005

Borrowing tricky between family or friends. A quote recently caught my eye. “The easiest way to teach children the value of money is to borrow some from them,” it said. But that applies not only to children. Adults, it seems, take much more notice when someone has borrowed from them than when someone has lent to them.

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NZ Herald 8 October 2005

Q&As: 5 on how different types if families should be taxed; Many readers sent submissions to the government on proposed changes on taxation of international shares; Am I a National Party supporter?

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