NZ Herald 11 May 2024

– How much do you need for retirement? …
– … One reader is happy with not much
– Borrowing versus KiwiSaver hardship withdrawal
– Tax when bullion or crypto is inherited
– How capital gains tax could handle expenses
– Do I know enough to write this column?

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NZ Herald 20 May 2023

– How to avoid the boss’s meanness — a different way to contribute to KiwiSaver
– Credit card interest rise alarming
– Don’t bail out of KiwiSaver
– Funds’ relative performance all over the place
– 2 more providers let you withdraw dividends from funds — which can work well in retirement
– A reader’s story: Lessons learnt boost confidence

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RNZ Radio 1 December 2022

Listeners tell us who they think needs financial help

Entries into our Christmas book giveaway on who you would give my two latest books to, and why
– Themes running through the entries, examples and comments
– The winners

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RNZ Radio 17 November 2022

3 clever types of mortgages
But first: Christmas Gift Book Giveaway. How to enter

– Offset mortgages
– Redrawable mortgages
– Revolving credit mortgages
– Can you switch to one of these if you already have an ordinary mortgage?
– A great place for rainy day money

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NZ Herald 22 October 2022

– When it can be good to be in debt — how rental property works
– Adviser didn’t listen
– Are term deposit investors being treated unfairly?
– How best to turn shares into deposit for child’s home
– Using KiwiSaver for its lower fees

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RNZ Radio 25 August 2022

Many ways to “eat your house” in retirement:
– Take in boarders or flatmates
– Sublet part of home — permanently or Airbnb (wttch tax and insurance)
– Subdivide — easier now
– Sell your house and buy smaller or in a cheaper place
– Sell your house and become a renter
– Reverse mortgages

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RNZ Radio 7 April 2022

Some shocking results in survey on New Zealanders’ finances

Canstar Consumer Pulse Report 2022:
– More than half spend more than they earn — especially young
– 2/3 don’t have enough rainy day money
– Nearly ¼ don’t save anything
– Only 45% are debt-free, excluding mortgages

How you might change your habits.

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RNZ Radio 10 March 2022

Why comparing returns on rental property and shares is tricky
– A recent example…
– … But borrowing (aka gearing or leveraging) changes comparisons
– The worst that can happen with an investment
– How geared rental property can go wrong
– What about your own home?
– Update from last time on my single shareholding

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NZ Herald 5 February 2022

– Where to keep money for jewellery while awaiting Italian trip …
– … And where to keep it while awaiting a house purchase
– Give money to grandkids rather than their parents
– Invest a lump sum now, or wait?
– A few more “money rules”, and a source revealed
– Good Samaritan helps out last week’s struggling tourism operator

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NZ Herald 29 January 2022

– Covid-hit couple struggle to get a loan …
– … while another family finds solutions
– Short-term share performance is irrelevant
– Get used to volatility or move out and stay out
– 45 financial rules

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