RNZ Radio 20 May 2021

Reverse mortgages: Free up money for retired people — but take care!
– Growing interest in them
– How they work
– What to ask about them
– Some problems
– How people use them
– Where to get more info

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RNZ Radio 6 May 2021

Changes to consumer lending – harder to borrow but less spiralling debt
Notes from Financial Services Complaints Ltd conference on May 4
– Changes in effect last year: Caps on interest and fees.
– Changes in October 2021: Lenders must assess whether borrower can afford loan.
– Consumer Data Right: Government considering this. Consumers can choose to give their financial data to providers, budgeting platforms or comparison websites, etc.
– Another topic: “A complaint is a gift”.

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NZ Herald 6 February 2021

– Reader sees no reason shares shouldn’t keep rising…
– Another predicts a crash, and wonders about KiwiSaver defensive action
– Should we take note of shoeshine story?
– Where should millennial save for apartment?
– Reader’s tenants don’t want long-term leases
– Property managers defended
– Column inspires musician to write a song

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NZ Herald 3 October 2020

– Rule shows how long it takes for an investment — and a debt — to double
– One reader quits Bonus Bonds for term deposits…
– … While another suggests a way to keep the fun rolling on
– Bonus Bonds exit annoys businessman
– Move from term deposits into KiwiSaver fund ups the volatility
– Better to leave the money in two countries than one
– Your questions, a webinar and a guide to investing

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RNZ Radio 24 September 2020

Handling debt — from mortgages to buy now pay later.
– Worries — job losses, rising interest rates
– 2 types of borrowing — for things that grow in value and things that don’t
– Deferring payments — what that means
– Pay off highest interest first
– Set up automatic payments
– Add to mortgage?
– Buy now pay later. No interest but fees if late.
– In trouble with a loan? Talk to lender.

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RNZ Radio 12 December 2019

What financial decisions would I do differently, with hindsight?
Based on an email challenge from a listener.
– Timing — in the share market and property market
– Gearing — borrowing to invest in a share fund
– A foreign exchange investment
– House buying
– Rental property?
– Higher paid work?
– My holiday message: Be terrific in traffic

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RNZ Radio 28 November 2019

Notes from a conference

Westpac Massey Fin Ed Centre conference on “Building financially capable communities: our pathways to success”
– Current Financial teaching in schools is not effective, especially for lower sociology economic kids
– Self efficacy — whether you believe your actions and effort will affect your outcomes — is more important to wealth than things like financial literacy. Can it be changed?
– Changes coming to regulate payday lending. Will they help?

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NZ Herald 2 November 2019


– A new kitchen might be best use of $15,000 no longer needed
– What can 66-year-old do to improve her situation? Maybe work longer
– How to find a suitable managed fund
– When lending to family, have a way to get your money out

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