Shares and share funds

NZ Herald 14 December 2019

– “Merry (non-commercial) Christmas!” says reader
– Index funds — what are they and how to invest
– Could exchange-traded funds wreck how sharemarket works?
– KiwiSaver provider not up with play on 65-plus withdrawals
– One reader gives away all his NZ Super …
– … And another makes it easier for everyone to do that

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NZ Herald 16 November 2019

– What to do with a $200,000 Lotto win
– How does Inland Revenue handle Islamic banking?
– Drop in fund value explained
– 2 Q&As on handling charity donations after the donor dies
– Reader explains why millionaire could be aggrieved about NZ Super
– Another reader doesn’t buy my arguments on means-testing Super
– Is means-testing a far left idea?

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RNZ Radio 14 November 2019

Why are people not in KiwiSaver? – Part 2

Emails and texts from listeners:
– No income of her own
– Self employed
– Employer talked worker out of it
– Worries about investment
– Fees
– Ethical investing
– Too little money
– Too old
– Control of investments
– Don’t trust govt
– Lack of govt guarantee

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NZ Herald 2 November 2019


– A new kitchen might be best use of $15,000 no longer needed
– What can 66-year-old do to improve her situation? Maybe work longer
– How to find a suitable managed fund
– When lending to family, have a way to get your money out

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NZ Herald 19 October 2019

– Couple should make children their priority while the kids are young
– KiwiSaver gives children a good start, despite the lack of incentives
– Don’t blame bank for getting son’s KiwiSaver tax rate wrong
– Expanding the “cut back on gifts” idea to birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day
– Inflation tougher on superannuitants, but reader still has options
– I’m doing two talks in Tauranga on November 3

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RNZ Radio 17 October 2019

A listener’s letter and Mary’s response:
– Starting early is good
– Drip feeding is good
– You don’t need to research companies
– Buy more or less randomly — but vary industries
– Understand a share’s volatility

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NZ Herald 21 September 2019

Q&As: Father of 5 loses Working for Families money through accountant’s error; New website helps you find ethical KiwiSaver funds; Split money between KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver, and consider paying down mortgage; Share fund might beat mortgage repayment, but it might not; Self-employed need a better deal from KiwiSaver.

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NZ Herald 24 August 2019

Q&As: Newly divorced woman should buy house — because she wants to!; 2 Q&As on the best time to switch funds, which is when it suits you; AMP’s “woeful” long-term KiwiSaver returns, and what investors should do; You can’t “pay ahead” to get KiwiSaver government contributions.

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NZ Herald 10 August 2019

Q&As: How KiwiSaver works for someone on minimum wage; Reader using KiwiSaver money soon for first home shouldn’t be in growth fund; Suggestions for beneficiary who got inheritance …; … and a further question from him; Reader saddened by last week’s comment on beneficiary.

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