Planning for retirement

RNZ Radio 2 June 2022

Listeners’ KiwiSaver worries

– Conservative funds are not low-risk
– Why funds with lots of bonds are losing value fast
– Don’t try to time markets by moving your money
– How to organize your KiwiSaver in retirement
– Is this a good time to invest more?

Reminder: Have you contributed enough to get maximum from the government?

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NZ Herald 16 April 2022

– Bonus Bonds weren’t only about returns
– Gold is not the best spot for reader’s inheritance
– Are billionaires the new millionaires?
– Retirement savings idea not a winner
– Unfairness in treatment of overseas pensions?

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NZ Herald 5 March 2022

– Don’t act when share markets do …
– … and when you should take action
– Best strategy for investing a lump sum
– Market wobbling? Get out a novel
– Laddering a mortgage — with bells on
– House insurance may not fully cover rent during rebuilding

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NZ Herald 19 February 2022

– Please don’t let your partner run your money without your input
– Comparing KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver funds
– Laddering term deposits a great way to invest low-risk money — and what are Term PIEs?
– How do NZ-owned banks compare with overseas-owned ones?
– How high inflation affects low-risk savings

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NZ Herald 5 February 2022

– Where to keep money for jewellery while awaiting Italian trip …
– … And where to keep it while awaiting a house purchase
– Give money to grandkids rather than their parents
– Invest a lump sum now, or wait?
– A few more “money rules”, and a source revealed
– Good Samaritan helps out last week’s struggling tourism operator

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NZ Herald 11 December 2021

– Ignore KiwiSaver fund performance over a few months
– Why you should focus on a fund’s fees, not its returns
– Your KiwiSaver fund has done well in recent years? So what!
– How hard it is for beneficiary parents to get back into work
– A reader’s quote is out of context — and he should stop being mean!
– Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 20 November 2021

– 20-year-old could perhaps try borrowing to invest in shares
– Reader misunderstands 10-year share rule
– KiwiSaver fund a good idea for great grandson
– How KiwiSaver is taxed, and what happens the year you turn 65
– “But the cheap wine tastes better!”
– Take care with employee share ownership schemes

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RNZ Radio 18 November 2021

KiwiSaver default funds suddenly become attractive for many.

Changes could make you want to switch to these funds:
– Different providers
– Guidance to investors at life milestones
– Lower fees — as low as 0.2 per cent
– No fossil fuels or illegal weapons
– Change of risk level, from conservative to balanced

Warning to those who should stay in conservative
Don’t let providers talk you into a bad move!

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NZ Herald 30 October 2021

– What is the difference between investing and gambling?
– Do over-65s pay their way in terms of tax and NZ Super?
– Reader has a perfect job for someone over 70
– 2 Q&As about selling rentals in retirement and what to do with the money…
– … And a retired reader who has no intention of selling his rentals

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NZ Herald 23 October 2021

– Why rentals may not work well in retirement — use KiwiSaver instead
– KiwiSaver fees are falling, but some are still high
– Reader tells of another dynamic “little old lady”
– It’s not easy for everyone to work into their 70s
– Family issues may affect older worker decision
– Last week’s boomer lacked understanding, reader says

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