Planning for retirement

NZ Herald 26 November 2022

– Off the boat and on to a degree at 50
– Best place for 11-year-old’s inheritance
– Term deposits or cash funds for money to spend soon?
– Reader caught out by falling markets
– Winners of Gift Book Giveaway

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NZ Herald 19 November 2022

– Small savings safe in KiwiSaver — as long as …
– How to withdraw retirement savings set up in three tiers
– An example for a fairly risk-averse retiree
– What to use instead of a cheque in the Christmas card
– No, I haven’t been ripped off!
– Enter the giveaway of my books for Christmas

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NZ Herald 15 October 2022

– Does laddering term deposits work well in volatile markets
– Reader takes a wise longer-term view of share markets
– How some KiwiSaver providers use — and charge members for — financial advice
– Moving providers is ok in volatile markets — but ask adviser what’s in it for you

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NZ Herald 1 October 2022

– How to invest while living a gypsy life — for saving for anything else
– Oops! Growth funds don’t work for short-term saving
– When your money really is goneburger
– How to pick which share platform to use
– Why 4 “good” shares are not performing well
– Worries over whisky

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RNZ Radio 25 August 2022

Many ways to “eat your house” in retirement:
– Take in boarders or flatmates
– Sublet part of home — permanently or Airbnb (wttch tax and insurance)
– Subdivide — easier now
– Sell your house and buy smaller or in a cheaper place
– Sell your house and become a renter
– Reverse mortgages

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NZ Herald 30 July 2022

– Returns versus fees — which should you use to judge funds?
– Are banks safe? …
– … And should we favour NZ-owned banks?
– KiwiSaver can work well in retirement
– No, don’t try to time the markets!
– What to do after KiwiSaver drop

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RNZ Radio 28 July 2022

Bridging the gender retirement gap

Ideas from a conference on how to help women increase their retirement savings:
– Why the gap is there
– Suggestions on government action
– Suggestions on employer action
– Suggestions finance industry action

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RNZ Radio 2 June 2022

Listeners’ KiwiSaver worries

– Conservative funds are not low-risk
– Why funds with lots of bonds are losing value fast
– Don’t try to time markets by moving your money
– How to organize your KiwiSaver in retirement
– Is this a good time to invest more?

Reminder: Have you contributed enough to get maximum from the government?

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NZ Herald 16 April 2022

– Bonus Bonds weren’t only about returns
– Gold is not the best spot for reader’s inheritance
– Are billionaires the new millionaires?
– Retirement savings idea not a winner
– Unfairness in treatment of overseas pensions?

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