Index funds

NZ Herald 4 March 2023

– Australian share market moves like ours, despite industry differences
– One way to deal with Aussie shares if your partner dies…
– … And another
– Banks should teach their staff about laddering
– Is bank over-protective about credit cards?

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NZ Herald 25 February 2023

– You don’t need to own a home to do well financially
– Get rid of Aussie shares says widower
– Reconsider insurance needs as your situation changes
– When switching KiwiSaver providers works best

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NZ Herald 18 February 2023

– Share funds tend to perform better than DIY share investments
– Reader, 64, should keep working if that’s what it takes to keep her home
– A simple way to explain laddering term deposits to the bank

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NZ Herald 4 February 2023

– One reader may be overdoing diversification…
– … While another may be underdoing it
– KiwiSaver fund reports 70% return
– Banks soon moving to 365-day money transfers
– Media should have warned of house price fall, says reader
– Rosie Robot misbehaves again

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NZ Herald 17 December 2022

– Is now a good time to trade up to a bigger house?
– How much will $1,000 grow in KiwiSaver over time?
– An update on the active v passive debate
– More KiwiSaver providers let over 65s withdraw from just one of their funds

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NZ Herald 24 September 2022

– Keep that money out of KiwiSaver, unless…
– Does Simplicity’s recent performance prove passive investing is no good?
– Last week’s couple may have been referring to house size
– Reader’s terrible experience with cross lease property
– Justifying NZX50’s inclusion of dividends

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NZ Herald 17 September 2022

– Which type of housing will grow fastest in value? Who knows?
– Should all family members be with the same KiwiSaver provider?
– How to sign up children to KiwiSaver, and how to contribute to it
– Reader suggests alternative investment for 6-year-old with inheritance
– When older people can still get a mortgage

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NZ Herald 13 August 2022

– Financial mentors offer free help for everyone who is struggling
– A good reason to switch KiwiSaver fund
– Reader “aghast” at my “cherry picking” in fund comparison
– Why passive share funds won’t take over entirely
– Life insurance advice from one who knows

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RNZ Radio 11 August 2022

Animal investors — what we can learn from them

These creatures have been picking investments, and mostly doing well:
– Orlando the cat
– Adam Monk the Brazilian monkey
– Lusha the chimpanzee
– A small herd of cows
– Mr Goxx the hamster

How do they do well?

What’s happening here?

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