Index funds

NZ Herald 24 September 2022

– Keep that money out of KiwiSaver, unless…
– Does Simplicity’s recent performance prove passive investing is no good?
– Last week’s couple may have been referring to house size
– Reader’s terrible experience with cross lease property
– Justifying NZX50’s inclusion of dividends

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NZ Herald 17 September 2022

– Which type of housing will grow fastest in value? Who knows?
– Should all family members be with the same KiwiSaver provider?
– How to sign up children to KiwiSaver, and how to contribute to it
– Reader suggests alternative investment for 6-year-old with inheritance
– When older people can still get a mortgage

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NZ Herald 13 August 2022

– Financial mentors offer free help for everyone who is struggling
– A good reason to switch KiwiSaver fund
– Reader “aghast” at my “cherry picking” in fund comparison
– Why passive share funds won’t take over entirely
– Life insurance advice from one who knows

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RNZ Radio 11 August 2022

Animal investors — what we can learn from them

These creatures have been picking investments, and mostly doing well:
– Orlando the cat
– Adam Monk the Brazilian monkey
– Lusha the chimpanzee
– A small herd of cows
– Mr Goxx the hamster

How do they do well?

What’s happening here?

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NZ Herald 6 August 2022

– Young have too little life insurance; old have too much
– Reader challenges my comments about picking low-fee KiwiSaver fund…
– … While a documentary backs me up
– What about the workers in big Aussie-owned banks?
– Deposit insurance scheme attacked and defended

– Money questions? Try this

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NZ Herald 18 June 2022

– Why lower fees for retired KiwiSaver wouldn’t work
– I decline a challenge on market timing
– One reason to use a real estate agent
– How to test if a company is a scam
– Reader “sucked in” more than he realises

– Talk on Mistakes Investors Often Make

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RNZ Radio 16 June 2022

Are KiwiSaver funds good value for money? If not, what should you do about it?

A listener asks about Financial Markets Authority report on KiwiSaver and other managed funds
– 3 key findings: impact of fees, wrong indexes, commissions paid
– KiwiSaver still worth being in because of government and employer contributions
– But go for low fees
– Funds with high returns often don’t stay good
– Is KiwiSaver best if contributing for grandchildren?

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NZ Herald 21 May 2022

– Financial adviser’s suggested plan is diversificraziness!
– Reader is wise to be cynical about two advisers
– Reasons not to invest in DGL after CEO’s sexist and racist comments
– 2 readers question role of auctions in house price rises
– Tale of a 1980s share club
– Talk on Great Barrier Island

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NZ Herald 14 May 2022

– Landlords are not villains
– Rental property tax rule unfair
– His head said rent, but his heart said buy
– How to tell if your KiwiSaver fund holds DGL, or any other investment
– Student share clubs could teach about index funds
– Sexy student investing, and drunken share trading
– FMA relaxed about share clubs
– Bonus Bond story with happy ending

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NZ Herald 20 November 2021

– 20-year-old could perhaps try borrowing to invest in shares
– Reader misunderstands 10-year share rule
– KiwiSaver fund a good idea for great grandson
– How KiwiSaver is taxed, and what happens the year you turn 65
– “But the cheap wine tastes better!”
– Take care with employee share ownership schemes

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