Financial advisers

NZ Herald 22 July 2023

– Become a digital nomad — but keep the house
– What it’s like working with a financial mentor
– Sell the house and rent in retirement?
– Some banks reject parents’ loans to children for house buying
– A warning on lending to an elderly parent

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NZ Herald 15 July 2023

– Help for low-income people in rundown house…
– … And for woman with inheritance
– … And for reader with lousy luck
– Lend rather than give money to offspring to buy a home
– Letters about banking headed for Commerce Commission

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RNZ Radio 13 April 2023

How to complain about any financial service in NZ:
– What firms are covered
– The financial disputes system in NZ
– Free to you, and you don’t have to accept decision
– How they are funded
– What they do — and don’t do
– Your first steps to getting help

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NZ Herald 10 December 2022

– Reader leaves marriage with $3 million – what to do with it?
– Widowed pensioner finds inheritance “very scary”
– Only some KiwiSaver providers offer this service for the retired
– 3 Q&As on investing versus reducing a mortgage

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NZ Herald 3 December 2022

– Drip feed or invest the lot at once?
– Credit cards harder to get in retirement
– Should 11-year-old get into direct investing in NZ shares?
– Mother of 7 gets degree — and comes out on top
– Would-be investor in rental property shouldn’t count on gain
– Meaningful Christmas Gifts

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NZ Herald 29 October 2022

– Old share certificate may be good for a shout at the pub
– Help for reader put into inappropriate investment
– Non-bank term deposits — is the return worth the risk?
– Confusing situation with KiwiSaver fund and advice offered

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NZ Herald 22 October 2022

– When it can be good to be in debt — how rental property works
– Adviser didn’t listen
– Are term deposit investors being treated unfairly?
– How best to turn shares into deposit for child’s home
– Using KiwiSaver for its lower fees

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NZ Herald 15 October 2022

– Does laddering term deposits work well in volatile markets
– Reader takes a wise longer-term view of share markets
– How some KiwiSaver providers use — and charge members for — financial advice
– Moving providers is ok in volatile markets — but ask adviser what’s in it for you

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RNZ Radio 22 September 2022

Are KiwiSaver members getting value for their money?

Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is looking into this.

Report from a panel discussion on the topic at a conference:
– Are fees coming down?
– Some providers pay commissions to advisers who bring in KiwiSaver members
– Some performance fees are unfair

Also, brief comment on controversy over GST on KiwiSaver fees

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NZ Herald 13 August 2022

– Financial mentors offer free help for everyone who is struggling
– A good reason to switch KiwiSaver fund
– Reader “aghast” at my “cherry picking” in fund comparison
– Why passive share funds won’t take over entirely
– Life insurance advice from one who knows

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