NZ Herald 26 June 2021

– Disliking government spending no excuse for tax dodging
– Is it wise to boost your mortgage to invest in KiwiSaver?
– Should KiwiSaver providers who get performance fees pay if they perform badly?
– NZ tops four house price measures
– When switching insurance company check on service as well as price
– Givealittle not a good substitute for house insurance
– Don’t miss out on KiwiSaver money

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RNZ Radio 2 March 2017

What savers and investors are entitled to. In your dealings with KiwiSaver providers, financial advisers, banks, peer-to-peer lenders, equity crowdfunding platforms and others providing financial services, the Financial Markets Authority says you are entitled to: Competence; To be treated fairly and honestly; To be informed; To know how much you are paying; To have your problems and complaints dealt with properly. What does this amount to? For more info see

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NZ Herald 3 October 2015

Q&As: What are bonds, and are they a good investment?; KiwiSaver instead of term deposits for retiree?; Can you judge KiwiSaver fund by 2-month return?; How tax affects Givealittle fundraising in memory of daughter.

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