NZ Herald Q&A Column

The Investor 8 February 2005

Higher returns don’t matter for the short term: They need time to work their magic. There’s more than one reason behind the old investment message that goes like this: If you need your money in just a few years invest your savings conservatively, but if you have a longer horizon take more risk.

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The Investor 25 January 2005

How to cope with the topsy turvy share market. The value of worldwide shares in a certain industry grew more than 52 per cent in the year ending last October. Why didn’t we hear more about it? A clue might lie in the fact that the industry was information technology — infamous for its volatility.

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The Investor 14 December 2004

Stop loss strategy can in fact stop you from winning. A paragraph in a recent article in some of the newspapers that run this column caught my eye. “If you feel a bit more daring, yet want to retain a backstop strategy,” it read, “buy shares and sell them if they drop below 5 per cent of the purchase price. Sell once they increase above 10 per cent of the purchase price.”

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