The Investor 26 July 2005

Keeping financial advisers on their toes — good for the rest of us. A warning to financial advisers: You’d better give good, unbiased advice to your next new client. And the one after that. And the one after that. You never know which one might be a “mystery shopper” working undercover. If you do serve a mystery shopper, they will report on a website whether the advice you gave “is truly in the best interests of the individual client” — something that Joe and Joanne Blow often find hard to judge.

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The Investor 12 July 2005

Complexity of financial products no accident. Confirmation, at last, of what we’ve suspected all along: Providers of financial products may deliberately make them sound complicated.

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The Investor 28 June 2005

House prices should worry reader. I’ve just re-read an email from a reader, and it concerns me — especially in light of a recent Economist cover story. The reader put $80,000 into two rental properties six years ago, and it has turned into $255,000, “with very little effort on our part.”

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