NZ Herald 11 February 2023

– Many ways to boost retirement savings in 10 years…
– … Also be in KiwiSaver, and consider reverse mortgage
– KiwiSaver government contribution when overseas
– No thank you to this unbelievable offer
– Bank changes coming soon — and one that’s not

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RNZ Radio 2 February 2023

Spending that makes you happy

Research tends to find the following spending brings the most happiness:
– Getting rid of money worries — paying off debt, getting insurance etc
– Experiences — events, travel ….
– Changes that give you more time — hiring others to do tasks etc
– Beautiful things — art, plants etc
– Spending on others — charity, shouting a friend, gifts

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NZ Herald 28 January 2023

– How solo mother can survive mortgage rate rise
– Check out all of a bank’s offerings
– Okay to raise your risk in falling market — and it’s not falling anyway
– KiwiSaver fund not doing as badly as reader thinks
– Help offered from a robot…
– … But it’s too late!

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RNZ Radio 1 December 2022

Listeners tell us who they think needs financial help

Entries into our Christmas book giveaway on who you would give my two latest books to, and why
– Themes running through the entries, examples and comments
– The winners

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NZ Herald 8 October 2022

– Getting out of share market is not wise
– Keep an eye on economic numbers — but not to predict share markets
– Did reader lose during KiwiSaver provider transfer?
– No, don’t cut your contributions!
– Reduce risk on spending money
– Should older investors stick with term deposits?
– 2 readers sing the praises of cross lease property

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NZ Herald 24 September 2022

– Keep that money out of KiwiSaver, unless…
– Does Simplicity’s recent performance prove passive investing is no good?
– Last week’s couple may have been referring to house size
– Reader’s terrible experience with cross lease property
– Justifying NZX50’s inclusion of dividends

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NZ Herald 10 September 2022

– There’s still hope for scam victims
– Gloomy reader was wrong one year later, and 11 years later!
– Retired couple’s two worries — fluctuating KiwiSaver and access to the money
– What to do with 6-year-old’s inheritance

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RNZ Radio 30 June 2022

Cutting back your spending

Some more unusual ideas on ways to spend less:
– Wait for a week
– Stay away from shops
– Separate bank accounts
– Ideas from FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)
– Wear the same clothes repeatedly
– Fish and chip dinner parties
– Many other great ideas from listeners

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RNZ Radio 7 April 2022

Some shocking results in survey on New Zealanders’ finances

Canstar Consumer Pulse Report 2022:
– More than half spend more than they earn — especially young
– 2/3 don’t have enough rainy day money
– Nearly ¼ don’t save anything
– Only 45% are debt-free, excluding mortgages

How you might change your habits.

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RNZ Radio 16 December 2021

Money and couples — Part 2: Survey results, and how to do it well
NZ survey:
– Young are worse
– All income groups
– Causes of money problems
Research on successful relationships:
– Debt
– Equal access
– Talking to one another
– Large purchases

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