NZ Herald 12 September 2020

– Compound interest can do astounding things over long periods
– Could helping adult children through an offset mortgage leave parents in the lurch?
– How do others on average incomes save for a house?
– The risks for Bonus Bond holders in waiting for the wind-up
– What if you think your deceased relative had unredeemed Bonus Bonds?

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NZ Herald 1 August 2020

– Couple muddling trusts and wills — and courting trouble by not discussing uneven inheritances with family
– Young hopeful homebuyer in a position to take risks
– KiwiSaver retirement estimates too high? — what to do about it
– Travel early in retirement, 85-year-old urges

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RNZ Radio 18 June 2020

Mixed messages to New Zealanders these days
– Some examples: work from home vs support CBD businesses, Buy NZ goods vs imports
– In more depth: Encouraging you to spend vs setting up your emergency fund
– 2 recent surveys: How big are people’s emergency funds? What are people doing about that?
– The big question: Is it selfish to look after your own finances, rather than helping the economy to recover?

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NZ Herald 6 June 2020

– My expertise on cows and farmers’ markets is called into question…
– … Nonetheless, my comments last week helped reader
– KiwiSaver becoming workable for people with special needs
– Change KiwiSaver provider any time, but take care with changing funds
– Who does government borrow from, and how?
– Are we likely to see negative interest rates, and if so, where should we save?
– Not good news on tax and negative interest rates
– Negative interest rates unlikely to threaten banks’ strength

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RNZ Radio 4 June 2020

Keep your hands off KiwiSaver in economic downturn!

Commission for Financial Capability survey results. How we could do this better:
– Sidecar emergency savings fund attached to KiwiSaver
– More use of to access free financial advice and budgeting help
– Build up your own emergency fund

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Money Talk May 2020

What’s the best way to save for children or grandchildren?

Making regular savings for young children or grandchildren can be a great way to help them head into adulthood.

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NZ Herald 22 February 2020

– Should an 18-year-old get a credit card?
– Money questions for 20-somethings
– How can last week’s FIRE fan make it work?
– Beneficiaries should get more, and non-beneficiaries should quit KiwiSaver — reader
– DIY investing in Australia not difficult, says reader

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NZ Herald 15 February 2020

– Reader plans to retire at 45
– Simplicity defends CEO’s colourful past
– Christmas grinch reports back on progress
– Scrap KiwiSaver and give the money to beneficiaries, says reader
– Hatch exec responds to Smartshares’ comments last week

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NZ Herald 8 February 2020

– Wife needs to be convinced she can enjoy retirement
– Beneficiary — an extraordinary saver — can take part in KiwiSaver
– NZ-based funds not subject to international tax issues
– 2 Q&As on how supervisors and custodians look after KiwiSaver and other fund investors

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