NZ Herald 13 April 2024

– A tip on teen spending
– Could growth of index funds ruin the share market?
– Do extra saving outside KiwiSaver
– Stay in high risk near retirement?
– Should capital gains be adjusted for inflation?

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NZ Herald 23 March 2024

– Getting KiwiSaver off to a good start in your 20s
– Clever tax idea not so clever
– 2 Q&As on rental mortgage interest deduction
– “Little old lady” phrase disliked…
– … But another reader is happy
– Disappointment about laddering

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RNZ Radio 22 February 2024

How would you do in this financial knowledge test? Plus silly reasons for not being in KiwiSaver
– 4 questions about personal finance
– Old did better than young, and women did better than men
– 7 reasons given for skipping KiwiSaver are all faulty

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NZ Herald 18 November 2023

– Tips for a 26-year-old on how saving for a home
– A 50% house price drop? 30% has happened
– Changes strengthen landlord argument
– Tough gifting rules for elderly care subsidy
– One way around the care subsidy rules?
– Divorce not the answer unless real

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RNZ Radio 9 November 2023

Investing in overseas shares is for everyone
– Why investing in NZ shares only is not wise
– Why go with the whole world, not individual countries
– Easiest way to invest internationally
– Ways to reduce risk
– Disloyal to NZ?

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RNZ Radio 26 October 2023

We’re getting smarter with our KiwiSaver choices
Total funds nearly $100 billion — although dropped in 2022

4 good trends:
– More in growth funds
– More choice for investors
– Fees falling
– Good international investing

Correction about how long it takes employee contributions to reach providers

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NZ Herald 28 January 2023

– How solo mother can survive mortgage rate rise
– Check out all of a bank’s offerings
– Okay to raise your risk in falling market — and it’s not falling anyway
– KiwiSaver fund not doing as badly as reader thinks
– Help offered from a robot…
– … But it’s too late!

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NZ Herald 5 November 2022

– Tips for student soon to start university — including “have fun!”
– Should granddaughter stop KiwiSaver while on leave?
– Banks “cavalier to consumers”
– Will you lose money permanently higher-risk KiwiSaver funds?
– Why moving funds is like moving houses

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RNZ Radio 3 November 2022

Which funds, in and out of KiwiSaver, are best at different life stages?
– It’s not actually about age
– How to set up your savings
– Best low risk investment?
– Best medium risk investment?
– Best higher risk investment?
– Review situation once a year

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RNZ Radio 22 September 2022

Are KiwiSaver members getting value for their money?

Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is looking into this.

Report from a panel discussion on the topic at a conference:
– Are fees coming down?
– Some providers pay commissions to advisers who bring in KiwiSaver members
– Some performance fees are unfair

Also, brief comment on controversy over GST on KiwiSaver fees

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