NZ Herald 28 January 2023

– How solo mother can survive mortgage rate rise
– Check out all of a bank’s offerings
– Okay to raise your risk in falling market — and it’s not falling anyway
– KiwiSaver fund not doing as badly as reader thinks
– Help offered from a robot…
– … But it’s too late!

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NZ Herald 5 November 2022

– Tips for student soon to start university — including “have fun!”
– Should granddaughter stop KiwiSaver while on leave?
– Banks “cavalier to consumers”
– Will you lose money permanently higher-risk KiwiSaver funds?
– Why moving funds is like moving houses

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RNZ Radio 3 November 2022

Which funds, in and out of KiwiSaver, are best at different life stages?
– It’s not actually about age
– How to set up your savings
– Best low risk investment?
– Best medium risk investment?
– Best higher risk investment?
– Review situation once a year

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RNZ Radio 22 September 2022

Are KiwiSaver members getting value for their money?

Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is looking into this.

Report from a panel discussion on the topic at a conference:
– Are fees coming down?
– Some providers pay commissions to advisers who bring in KiwiSaver members
– Some performance fees are unfair

Also, brief comment on controversy over GST on KiwiSaver fees

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RNZ Radio 10 March 2022

Why comparing returns on rental property and shares is tricky
– A recent example…
– … But borrowing (aka gearing or leveraging) changes comparisons
– The worst that can happen with an investment
– How geared rental property can go wrong
– What about your own home?
– Update from last time on my single shareholding

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NZ Herald 29 January 2022

– Covid-hit couple struggle to get a loan …
– … while another family finds solutions
– Short-term share performance is irrelevant
– Get used to volatility or move out and stay out
– 45 financial rules

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NZ Herald 4 December 2021

– Should young woman invest or concentrate on repaying student loan?…
– … And is her situation like last week’s beneficiary who inherited $1.5 million?
– 2 more readers angry with beneficiary
– In defence of a criticised headline
– How another beneficiary handled her inheritance
– Borrowing to invest in companies that, themselves, borrow
– 2 readers comment on last week’s Q&A about high KiwiSaver fees …
– … And another one jumps the gun on new low KiwiSaver fees

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NZ Herald 20 November 2021

– 20-year-old could perhaps try borrowing to invest in shares
– Reader misunderstands 10-year share rule
– KiwiSaver fund a good idea for great grandson
– How KiwiSaver is taxed, and what happens the year you turn 65
– “But the cheap wine tastes better!”
– Take care with employee share ownership schemes

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NZ Herald 24 July 2021

– How to invest as inflation increases
– Does my writing stand the test of time?
– KiwiSaver provider’s services could be better
– Reader has a good laugh about real estate commissions …
– … while another one defends agents
– When agents sell their own houses

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